Previous Exhibitions

March 2012
Camel Art Space, Brooklyn NY.
Curated by Tom Marquet/Camel Art Space

Souvenir is an exhibition not of art but of objects which recall and refer to the work of artists who have exhibited at Camel Art Space. Artists were invited to produce a memento of their work, of the sort that might be sold in the gift shop of their mid-career retrospectives (or their multi-gallery show of dot paintings). These objects are very close to, but not quite art; things we wouldn’t stand in line to see, but might stand in line to purchase. Although the souvenir is often only the faintest echo of our experience, we grow attached to these objects in a way that is different from, but not necessarily less potent than, our attachment to art. It’s this attachment that makes us prefer a particular coffee cup in the morning. It’s this desire for a concrete memory that makes us take a book of matches, even if we don’t smoke. This is a show of objects that court that attachment, and are willing to forgo their status as art to get it.

Artists: Hilary Baldwin, Nathan Davis, Gina Dawson, Rob de Oude, Eric Doeringer, Rebecca Goyette, Carl Gunhouse, Sara Jones, Todd Kelly, Peter Lapsley, Kerry Law, Joe Lawton, Calvin Lee, Geddes Levenson, Amy Lincoln, Rebecca Litt, Matthew Mahler, Thomas Marquet, Sam Martineau, Chris McGee, Ben Needham, Keri Oldham, Yuka Otani, Ted Partin, Joe Partlett, Lauren Portada, Jamie Powell, Babette Rittenberg, Christine Rogers, Ryan Syrell, Adam Taye, Julie Torres, Elisa Velazquez, Oliver Warden, Audra Wolowiec, James Woodward, Andrew Zarou

2084 A Vision of the Future,
Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn NY
Curated by Brendan McCarthy

Fountain Art Fair 2011
Fountain Art Fair, Manhattan, NY.

Dark Days

Eye Level BQE
November 2010

A group show, curated by Clementine Nixon. Dark Days brings together eight Brooklyn based artists in an investigation of darkness and sublimity. The selected artists represent a diverse range of approaches and mediums, including painting, sculpture, etching and installation. Including works by DANIEL ALBRIGO / THOMAS HOOPER/ SCOTT KEIGHTLEY/ LANCE LANKFORD/ PETER LAPSLEY/ JEREMIAH MANDEL/ JULIO PARDO/ AUSTIN POWER/ JEAN-PIERRE ROY

Drawing of the Year
Camel Art Space
June 4 – June 27, 2010
Opening: June 4th, 6pm – 10pm (concurrent with BOS)
Music: Squirrel Biscuit
Weekends only: 12 – 6 pm or by appointment
Location: 722 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11237

An exhibition comprised of works on paper by most of the artists that have shown at Camel over the past year; a year in review if you will. Simultaneously will this be a celebratory event to toast to the anniversary of Camel Art Space, as will this exhibition partly coincide with our own Open Studios.

Artists that participate include: Adam Taye, Ben Needham, Ben Berlow, Sam Martineau, Sarah McDouglas Kohn, Chris McGee, Tiana Peterson, Lance Lankford, Peter Lapsley, Nick van Woert, Hilary Doyle, Maria Kondratiev, Julie Torres, Elisa Velazquez, Chris Martin, Maria Walker, Nora Griffin, Rachel Salamone, Carl Gunhouse, Christine Rogers, Thom Marquet, Lauren Portada, Catherine Stack, Matthew Murphy, Jeremy Roby, Chris Burnside, Nathan Gelgud, Alisa Ochoa, James Woodward, Enrico Gomez, Colm Feehan, Chris Rawson, Jessica Smith, Reid Hitt, Fred Spadafora, Connie Golden, Jeff Burdian, Helena Wurzel, Yuliya Lalina, Erin Shafkind, Brian Buckley, Millie Falcaro, Jeffrey Rothstein, Bryan Graf, Julia Colavita, Drew Wiedemann, Jessica Witkin

We Do Our Part
Envoy Enterprises
Curated by John McSwain
Thursday, October 22
Gallery hours are 12pm-8pm, Reception is from 6pm-8pm.

"We Do Our Part" features eight young New York City based artists working in a multitude of mediums. The first in a multi-part exhibition focusing on the cyclical nature of history and society, this portion focuses on a collapsing of culture and forgotten histories. The title, which was used as a slogan during FDR's National Recovery Administration, indicts the artists and viewers as accomplices in failure while also referencing the possibilities of rebuilding communities.

Silent Spring

Gallery 151
Bowery and Great Jones.
Opening reception November 5 2009
Exhibition Nov 5 - Nov 25 2009

There is a storm brewing under the surface of our negligence. Years have gone by as we wait for our politicians to make substantial legislature that will help the deteriorating environment reverse course. The earth is changing constantly with ever increasing wildfires, floods, hurricanes, loss of species, and other tragedies felt from global warming. “Silent Spring” is not a tale of adversity and creativity in the face of a deteriorating world, but stands as a vision of possibilities that are beautiful as well as destructive. “Silent Spring” comes as a warning and a plea for each of us to consider what our lives will be like if we continue on this path. We have caused this, and we must fix it.

Featured Artists
Nana Astante, Dan Carlson, Bobby Davidson, Casey James Diskin, Matthew De Leon, Morgan Ersery, Danielle Goldsmith, Jorge Gomez, Peter Lapsley, John Platt, Jess Ramsay & Seyhan Musaoglu, Nick Salvatore Shifrin, Rayna Savrosa,
Suzanne Stroebe, Gabriel J. Shuldiner, Stephen Wilson, John Wanzel, Genevieve White & Benjamin Heller and Michelle Yu
Ran November 04th-November 25th

6th Annual Juried Exhibition
Shore Institute for The Contemporary Arts

Curated by Kate McNamara

September 2009 - January 2010

Objective Affection
Boffo Curated by Gregory Sparks and Faris Al-Shathir

September 15th – November 20th, 2009.
an exhibition concerned with the influence of objects in contemporary culture.

Jessica Angel, Rory Baron, Zena Pesta, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, Jonathan Mildenberg, Orlando Dumond Soria, Jade Doskow, David S. Mellen, Tom Fruin, Laura Braciale, Conor Fields, Erin Ryan, Yuka Otani, Michael Berens, Yen-Hua Lee, Nathan Wasserbauer, Jordan Kleinman, Michael Alan, Simone Frazier, Peggy Tan, Neil Enggist, Chris Oh, Mark T. Johnson, Rebecca Wasserman, Melissa Fleming, Elizabeth Graeber, Matthew Lane, Jennifer Sullivan, Gregor Wynnyczuk, Hima B, Robert Boyd, caraballo-farman, Peter Lapsley, Bohyun Yoon, Amber Martin, Ron Rocco, Ben T. Brown, Colin Kilian, Kelsey Harrington, Junko Sugimoto, Hugo Crosthwaite, Blake Williams, Jason Tomme, Jennifer Poueymirou, John Manion, Chloe Paganini, Travis Childers, Lucas Cwojdzinski, Daniel Jeffries, Alexandra Schmidt-Ullrich, Bliss Lau, Janelle Norton, Catherine Merrick, Sarah Anderson, BLAND, Lindsey Adelman, Tom Butch, Ufuk Keskin & Efecem Kutuk, Timothy Van Beke, Patrick Gavin, graypants, inc., Victoria Fang, Laura Knutson, threeASFOUR, AREAWARE, Chris Habana, Jean Pelle, Adam Razak, Matthew Ames, Andrew Mau, Erin Fetherstone, Colin Schleeh, Heather Huey, Patrick Doyle & Revel Woodard, KIKKERLAND, Glen Jufer, Josh Jakus/FUZ Farm, Sukmo Koo, Mario Marchese, Future Retrieval, Stanley Ruiz, Ken & Dana Design, Frank Tell, Josh Owen, Lauren Tickle, Julia Baum, Max Greis, Alexandra Kuechenberg, David B. Smith, Eric Hollender, Andrew Schles , Terence Koh, Caris Reid, Simon Tepas, Damaris Drummond, K. T. Anthony Chan & Aaron Jezzi

• The Natural Order •

Camel Art Space
Brooklyn, New York
Curated by: Enrico Gomez and Rob de Oude
Opening: Sept. 11th, 6-9pm. Through Sept. 20th.
Weekends 12-6pm or by appointment

Artists include: Lance Langford, Becca Broughton, Peter Lapsley, Maria Kondratiev, Kylie Manning, Tatiana Peterson, Nick van Woert, Hilary Doyle.

C.A.S. is proud to present, -The Natural Order-, a collection of local & under-exposed Williamsburg artists in conversation on the effect of man in nature, & the affect of nature on man.
Not merely a caption on the inconvenient truth of our looming carbon footprint, these artists dig deeper. They seem to mine veins of socio-political legacy & cultural artifact, endeavoring toward some core truth on the perpetuality of coexistence.
It seems natural in a time of continuing political fissure & economic erosion that the seers of our age would consider the wild, for clues as to role, connection & place with more lasting integrity. To this end, the artists draw from multiple and disparate sources of inspiration. Examples include imperialistic, hierarchical ideology to the detritus of urban convenience to the spiritual modus of the ancients. From parasitism toward mutualism, ‘The Natural Order’ considers equally the tocsins of that which we leave behind as much as the prescience of the trail markers ahead. ~E. Gomez